Our Story

It’s right there in our name. Repairing the world through sustainable & ethical fashion.

Mark Heiman, creator of Repair the World® apparel

When we created Repair the World® apparel, we made sure the company’s name would convey precisely what it would stand for. Repair the World® is committed to social justice, environmental stewardship, and repairing the world through sustainable and ethical business practices, transparency, and accountability. We produce clothing of the highest quality while observing corporate responsibility of the highest standard. Through operating by example, Repair the World® hopes to create widespread, positive changes within the garment industry, as well as inspire positive action within other industries throughout the world.

“It’s important to us that you know you’re not just buying a shirt or a hoodie, but a sustainable way of life.” – Mark Heiman, Co-Founder of Repair the World® apparel

Our Values

TBL_final-small Repair the World® is committed to benefiting people and planet by producing high quality products We embrace the Triple Bottom Line framework of People, Planet and Prosperity. That is, we believe the true measure of our performance goes beyond the traditional measurement of profit and return on investment to include social and environmental responsibility. We make certain that all aspects of our company are in keeping with the Triple Bottom Line framework, as the essence of sustainability means holding ourselves accountable for the total impact we have on the world for current and future generations. Through operating by example, we hope to create widespread, much-needed change, as well as inspire positive action everywhere.