How We Make 100% Recycled, Sustainable Clothing

All of our clothing is made from a 100% recycled, eco-friendly fabric that is ethically manufactured under fair labor practices. Through our unique manufacturing process and diversion of landfill waste, our products are more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than organic cotton.

“Better than Organic?!” That’s right.

Here’s Why:

People tend to look a bit surprised after we inform them that our fabrics are actually more sustainable than organics. The reason why comes down to both our fiber and our fabric technology. rtw-chart_product

Reparel™ fabric

Our Cotton Field:

50% of our fiber content comes from pre-consumer cotton scraps from commercial apparel and textile facilities.

Our Oil Field:

50% of our fiber content comes from post-consumer plastic bottles. This means that our clothing is made out of 100% recycled material!

Fabric Technology

Most clothing manufacturers use virgin polyester to process into their fiber. By comparison, 50-60% fewer processes are required to convert our plastic bottles into recycled polyester fiber. No harmful dyes are used in the creation of our fabrics, as we utilize the colors already present in our cottons scraps. Our fabric finishing process saves 60-70% of the water and energy spent in more traditional manufacturing methods required of dyed fabrics. But in case you’re still not convinced our recycled fiber is superior to organic cotton, let’s make a closer comparison:


Not only does our fiber and fabric technology assure that our clothing is more sustainable than organic cotton, it feels just as soft and fabulous next to your skin. Not only can you feel good about your clothing, you can feel great in it! K2N™ recycled yarn technology combined with quality knitting and environmentally friendly fabric finishing provide long lasting comfort, durability, and a great look. At Repair the World®, we don’t skimp on the way we stitch our clothing; we have added built in design features such as reinforcement at stress points, and functional features such as cuff thumb-hole “sleeve catchers,” MP3 pockets, and extra cargo holding capacities in our hoodies and pants. infographic_rtw