Supporting Our Garment Workers & Communities

Our first step in repairing the world: assuring everyone we work with a safe and healthy environment.

When you purchase Repair the World® clothing you help create positive social change for the people involved in our clothing’s production. Every item of our clothing is manufactured under fair labor practices. At Repair the World®, we operate under a strict code of conduct and make certain that all partners within our supply chain adhere to it as well. All our suppliers undergo an intensive and ongoing review process. In addition, at Repair the World® we are constantly seeking further substantiation and certifications for our processes as well as our products themselves.

Friendship Bridge and Miracles in Action: Our Partners in repairing the world.

FBRepair the World® gives back to the communities we do business in by donating a portion of our profits to non-profit partners Friendship Bridge and Miracles in Action.     Friendship Bridge provides microcredit and education to help impoverished women establish their own businesses and to help themselves, their families, and their communities to rise out of poverty. To date through the contributions made to the Friendship Trust Bank Estrella de Panca, Repair the World® has been able to support 10 women of Solola, Guatemala and their families as they work to establish their own business enterprises. MIA Miracles in Action provides vocational training and sustainable development programs that help elevate Guatemalans out of poverty. Repair the World®’s support has allowed Miracles in Action to provide training to over 50 women and youth at the CECAP Vocational Center in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala.